Innovation comes from resonance with others.

Vanguard Industries Inc. is an innovation firm based in Tokyo, Japan. We are specialists in concept, solution, product, and experience design, while working with leading international businesses across various industries. We are committed to establishing systems to help society and achieve its growth.
Our strengths stem from our open innovation network that spans across corporate and industry borders, particularly by utilizing the capabilities of the manufacturing industry in Japan. Each professional involved contributes to our diverse background and experience, which moves projects forward.
We are the vanguard of a new value generation for a better future.

  • ASSEMBLE:  Organize and form special teams
  • DISRUPT:  Develop breakthrough preconceptions and pioneer new horizons for growth
  • INVENT:  Create and deliver new products, services, brands and experiences
  • LEAD:  Develop a game-changing innovation vision and drive it through to impact generations
  • TRANSFORM:  Create momentum to make innovations with a legacy
  • ACCELERATE:  Journey rapidly from a scratch concept to social impact

"There are still many issues to be solved. Uncertainty in the global economy has increased substantially, but there is always hope. 
We must face our responsibilities and combine our expertise and knowledge for the future. 

This is the very essence and nature of open innovation."
​Masahiko Yamanaka  CEO, President

Born and raised in Japan, I am a competent and experienced strategic consultant, business developer, creative director, and engineer. With a father who worked around the world and an Indonesian mother, I was affected by a variety of foreign cultures from a young age. I studied mechanical engineering in Osaka Prefecture University and majored in production management and supply chain management. After receiving a masters degree in mechanical engineering, I started working at IBM Japan, Ltd. (formerly IBM Business Consulting Services KK.) as a management consultant participating in many consulting projects. In 2012, I started my own business as a consultant and business developer for start-ups. So far I have delivered over 100 projects and have helped establish over 20 companies of which I contributed to as a board member.

I am now working on developing Vanguard Industries Inc., a hardware startup dedicated to improving the world through innovation.